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Color Fashion Trends Part II - PASTELS

PASTELS are our No. 1 for Spring- Summer 2014. I would like to present to you another shade from this pretty pallet. Is there color more associated with season of amazing sun and warm days than LIGHT YELLOW? A wide assorment of styles and tones from the best designers will always make your choice sweet and refreshing!



Tasty Lemon vs. Lovely Daisy

Tasty Lemon part I
Tasty Lemon For a Meeting:

Tasty Lemon part II

Tasty Lemon For a Trip:
Dolce Gabbana top / H M pink coat, $50 / STELLA McCARTNEY jeans / Marni leather sandals / Proenza Schouler leather handbag / Burberry watch / Gucci glasses / Burberry scarve / Mary Greenwell lemon perfume / Wooden kitchen tool / Embroidered kitchen towel, $17

Lovely Daisy part I
Lovely Daisy For a Special Occasion:

Lovely Daisy part II
Lovely Daisy For a Date:

Spring-summer 2014 is showing us how many great shades of light yellow exist in fashion world. Lemon, royal yellow, lemon chiffon, unmellow or mellow yellow - cute names which hide also sunny looks inside of them. Are you energetic and romantic at the same time? Light yellow is right for you! Famous couture houses are offering us light yellow in sporty elegance or in charm of beautiful floral laces. Enjoy!

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