piątek, 21 marca 2014

Color Fashion Trends Part V - PASTELS

It's time for the sweetest shade of all pastels - lovely PEACH. The scale of this color is really wide and gives us so many opportunities to creat chic and adorable styles. From fabulous blogger to summer Sugar - you can be whoever you dream to become!


The sweetest shade - Peach

Chic Peach 

Blogger Chic in Peach:

Classy Peach

Classy Peach for a Special Occasion:

Shopping Time with Peach


Shopping Time with Peach:

Peach for Summer Date

Peach for Summer Date:

Are you looking for a nice change from Pinks? Peach will be your perfect choice! Wonderful tones of this color can be combined with so many different shades and give your set more character. But if you prefer more subtle and delicate looks, I would suggest to remain with one-color-styling or mixing peach with whites, nudes or other restrained colors. By the way, in shops you can also find a great amount of peachy nudes clothes. Sweet and classy in one product - I love them! You should try them out for office use or just under classic jacket with skinny jeans, they will present great and have nice influence on color of your skin. Let's watch more of that amazing effect on examples from catwalk and photoshoot of Victoria Beckham Spring-Summer 2014 collection.

The sweetest shade - Peach przez agnieszka-kufel z wykorzystaniem wall plaques

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